Ep. 46: Let’s Bake…Medovik (Honey Cake)

In this episode we discover the absolute joy that is Medovik, or Russian Honey Cake: a towering layer cookie-cake held together with sweet cream filling. It won over the heart of a Russian Empress, and we can only hope it will win over your heart too, dear listener!

Unrelated to honey cake, I want to apologize in advance that during this episode Jules sounds like she is recording from the bottom of a very deep well, or perhaps from an adjacent room while sitting in a bathtub. We assure you neither was the case. We are working to fix this issue for next episode.

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Ep. 45: Let’s Bake…Steamy Puds

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, and to celebrate we have a steamy, sensuous episode for you to enjoy with your loved ones. We’ve got Clootie, we’ve got Roly Poly – and if you ever wanted to hear us talk about our love for Spotted Dick this is your chance! Join us for an episode that is sure to warm your heart…and your stomach.

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Ep. 43: Let’s Bake…Desserts of the Roaring 20’s

Think you’re the cat’s meow? Well, we’ll figure out if you really know your onions with this food and baking decade-in-review for the 20s. The 1920’s, that is! We’ll even forgive Jules for confusing Teddy Roosevelt and Grover Cleveland! Join us, we promise it’s the berries!

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