Ep. 42: Let’s Bake…The Yule Log

This week, we bring you the history of a baked good whose *bark* is worse than its bite! No? Ok, we’re all a little silly after the holidays, but in all seriousness, we’re discussing the fascinating story of Swiss Roles and the Yule Log. So, gather around the decidedly Pagan fire, and listen up…

Emma didn’t bake a Swiss Roll this week (as mentioned in the episode, she doesn’t roll that way) but luckily Jules went to a restaurant that was serving them! A Yule Log observed in the wild!

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Ep. 40: Let’s Bake…Unique American Pies

This week, just in time for American Thanksgiving, we bring you a trio of rare pies native to different corners of the US. Try out Shoofly Pie, Green Mustang Grape Pie, or Pickle Pie this holiday season!

Let’s Bake History is a pseudo-educational comedy podcast exploring the origin stories of all your favorite baked goods. Each week co-hosts Emma and Jules dig into new breads, cakes, cookies, pies, pastries and more – to bring you the details on their nefarious histories and modern incarnations.