Set Your Kitchen Timers…

As we celebrate 2 years of LBH, we’ve decided it’s time for a quick summer break so that we can recharge our creative engines and prepare for the next season of history, baked goods, and bad puns. Set your kitchen timers for the fall, when we’ll return with regular bi-weekly episodes about all your favorite treats.

In the meantime, we’ve rounded up a list of food, baking, and history-themed podcasts to tide you over.

Food and Modern Culture:

Cherry Bombe – An interview show with the coolest, most creative women in the world of food

Spilled Milk – A comedy show about food from shrimp cocktail to mug cakes

The Empty Bowl – A meditative podcast about cereal and cereal news

British Bake-Off Podcasts:

The Proving Drawer

Cake Face

The Bake Down

Food & History

A Taste of the Past – Culinary historian Linda Pelaccio interviews authors, historians, and food scholars for casual, in-depth conversations on topics of culinary history

Burnt Toast –  Food52’s podcast highlighting the often-surprising past of what we eat every day


Ep. 50: Let’s Bake…Pizza Bagels

In this time of home isolation and limited food creativity, we invite you to dig among the back corners of your refrigerator where you may find today’s baked good hiding out! We bring you the history of the small-but-mighty pizza bagel, a pioneer of creativity, deliciousness, and financial innovation. Join us!

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Ep 49: Let’s Bake…Cereal!

If you didn’t think Emma could talk about cereal for 30 minutes straight, then boy were you mistaken! Today’s episode is a nice long one, because 1) the history of cereal is too wild to consolidate into anything less, and 2) we know you crazy kids need some extra goodness to listen to while you’re stuck at home. You’re welcome. Get your milk and your spoon, and enjoy!

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Ep. 48: Let’s Bake…Stroopwafels

This week we’re getting extra sticky, extra sweet, and extra steamy…that’s right, it’s time for Stroopwafel! These caramel-pressed waffle cookies might have been a mistake at first, but they’ll be an intentional part of your life from here on out if you just give them a chance. Join us!

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